Invisible Fence Inc


This company rep shows up to install a fence and informs us that i have to find all the sprinkler heads and mark them for them. because if he ruins one it comes out of his pay. i inform him where the system is at and to locate them himself as i already have a job and he has his own. he makes a call and then decides to leave saying its his saturday too. it took 5 weeks for the appointment. totally un acceptable work. i would never recomend the company for this overpriced service my recomendation is bury the 14 guage wire that costs $25 yourself using a power trimmer and buy a device that doesnt require a 12 dollar propritary battey that lasts a month with out a shut off switch on the collar. buy the way we were going to pay them 800 for a few hr job. left thinking he had us by the short hairs.

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