IPool Newton North Carolina Review


I purchased a pool heater so my Granddaughter could use our above ground pool longer from Sears because I thought they would be a more reputable company. When it arrived there were no instructions so I called Sears and was told they could not help me since the heater really came from Ipools. I called Ipools and they told me they could not help me and for me to get the instructions off of the Web at Hayward Pool Supplies. I got the instructions and found out this heater did not run off of a small propane tank, instead it used a 200 lb propane tank that ended up costing me over $800 to get filled and installed. I then had to have an electrician put in a line since the county would not okay the existing line to the heater and pool, costing another $900. I was told by Ipool and Sears that they would not accept returns on this item and consider that I was ripped off by Sears for misrepresenting the product and deceiving me into thinking I was getting this from them; Ipools because this product was misrepresented and Hayward because it is a poor product. Do not buy off line from Sears or Ipools or you will get ripped off.

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