Irina Zaharchuk New Jersey New Jersey


Oh my, where do I even begin!?!?! This women has made my life hell and turned my happy family upside down!!! Everything changed in September. I remember it was the first Sunday of the month (a day we always reserve to spend time with our kids and family). My husbands phone was repeatedly buzzing every 10 seconds while I was cooking breakfast. I checked it and lo and behold it’s IRINA. I have been married for 5 years and never once felt the need to check his phone but my female intuition kicked in and something told me to check it. I found text after text of how she loves to suck him, her favorite position, when can he get away from me to see her so she can f**k his brains out. That’s when I lost it and broke down. She knew he was married and didn’t care!When he returned inside the house after playing with our 2 beautiful kids outside I chucked the phone at his head and demanded the truth or I would be calling the lawyer! He buckled and gave me his phone to continue reading as well as his email info so I could know everything. What I found disgusted me. Not only was he screwing her while I attended school at night ( for my bachelors degree) but was doing it in my bed at my house while our two small children were home!  He paid for her hair to be done. Paid for her nails and sent her flowers to the dental place where she worked with our joint bank account!! She is the worst type of home wrecker because she knew and didn’t care!! || When I confronted her she told me that it’s not my fault I can’t F**k him right. She even took the morning after pill 2 times (another expense that came out of my bank account). Ladies please be aware and keep your husband away from this whore! She has no regards for marriage or children. I’m sure I am not the only marriage she has broke up. Needless to say we are in the process of a divorce and I couldn’t be happier! She has moved on to her next victim I’m sure. Funny how he met her at the dentist office she works at to get his teeth cleaned. Same place he sent her the flowers. I hope no one else will have to deal with her, I suggests you seek dental ( husbands ) anywhere but Millville because you might be next!!

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