ISLAND POND VERMONT , Morristown Vermont


Complaint: Brighton Police Department no longer supports its citizens with services, Why? They are constantly out milking travelers passing through for revenue. DO NOT SPEND MONEY FOR GAS FOOD LODGING ANYTHING IN ISLAND POND, BOYCOTT this crooked little town that will ALWAYS FIND YOU GUILTY CHARGE RIDICULOUS FEES AND FINES its not about public safety, its about revenue. Whatever happened to police departments that u201cprotected and servedu201d??? Police take unfair advantages and they stretch the truth in order to present revenue driven tickets to outsiders. AVOID THIS TOWN ! No Parking Areas are not marked and there is no way of knowing this untill you get a parking ticket. In every other area of the free world a stop at a stop sign is clearly defined as absence of motion but not in ISLAND POND the Sheriff will clock how long you stopped. Sheriff gives tickets in private parking lots. I know the law I am in law enforcement myself the Sheriff of Brighton is a D.H. !

Tags: Civil Rights Violators

Address: 49 Mill St, ISLAND POND, Vermont USA


Phone: (802) 723-4405

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