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On Nov 26th 2017- | I was asked by Natalie Pitre to move into property at 927 10th ave B the middle house above the garage to watch over the property, help with airBnb bookings, provide rental cars etc. ( she was renting out front house and back house on airbnb) | The property had just been sold to her client SAM ROGAN by my friend and previous owner KATHLEEN. | WHen i first met with Natalie she told me never to get involved with Sam and that I would want to. Later she told me about her adultered relations with sam and how he was the only man to have ever made her feel good. (She is married with two new babies). | Natalie let me move in but did not tell the owner (SAM) about my dogs. She told me that Sam lived in Japan. | One day Natalie came over to the house and then messaged me saying she heard three dogs barking. I knew this was a lie and that she had illegally and without permission entered into my property because one of my dogs does not bark. | I asked her about it but she responded ” I dont know i just hear three different dog voices”. I did not yet have cameras in the house but upon arrival back to my house, I noticed that the dead bolt was locked which I NEVER lock. | The next day, she told me that she had talked to Sam and that he was livid about the dogs. | She told me that I would need to move out. | At first she offered to help me find a place. Mind you, I had just moved out of my long term place to help her and had given that up with a guarantee of this new place. Its VERY hard to find a place to live in Hawaii with dogs. | She came over to talk and said she would think about it and help me and I asked her to let me speak with Sam. She said he didnt want to. | The next day she said I would need to figure it out and ASAP now. | My aunt had just died that morning (which I got a call from my dad) and told her it was not a good day to talk. | She kept insisting. I also brought it up about my door and sasked her not to go into my home without permission and thats when she got defensive. | Finally she told me she was going to sick her brother and his crew on me (see screen shot) and that if i left peacefully, no harm would come to me or my dogs. | She kept going on about it when I kept asking her at this point not to message me anymore. | When I got home I called the police and reported her threats. (see report number). | Then she sent me messages saying I was trespassing and that I had no right to be there. | After speaking with the officer, I told her what solutions we had. She kept sending the same message that I had broken in and was trespassing. | Then she sent me a message saying that she told her Mom (whos house I had also helped her set up for AirBNB) about the situation and her mom was offering her back bungalow to me. At this point, I declined because I was scared of Natalies threats and had a feeling she was up to no good. | ::Now for the conspiracy part which was later realized:: | That next day I get a rental car request from a man named Matt (on his license Matt Buckman). He requested that I deliver the car to a very specific place at a very specific time. | (I Only realized that Matt BUCKMAN is Natalies BRother upon doing some book keeping after this whole ordeal and Natalies Maiden name is Buckman and her other Brother MARK BuCKMAN also was her attorney) | :: | The next day, I went to the house to change and get ready to take the car. As I was leaving my house, I see that a tow truck is in my driveway and about to tow one of my vehicles. I yelled at him to stop. Natalie ran out and made a scene and made up this story that the airbnb guests car had died and he was towing the wrong car. He pulled out of the driveway. I pulled that car into the garage and got into the car that I was supposed to deliver to Matt Buckman. | As I pulled out of the driveway, I stopped to ask the tow guy if she had told him the wrong car and he said NO – she told me to tow that gold car. I asked his name (KALEI). I said thank you and drove away, but realized that something fishy was going on so I drove around the block. | When I came back up the drive way Kalei was back in the driveway with his tow truck and natalie was backing My car out of the garage! I immediately parked my car, ran over to the other car she was in, opened the door and said WHAT ARE YOU DOING? | She said “the guests want to rent the car” (Im sorry but this part is funny – like how stupid do you think I am? )…. | I said, no, im onto you, and Im calling the police. | Then she grabbed my phone out of my hand, threw it, and pushed me away, yelled at all the guys (apparently her brother and his “Crew”) to “COME ON HURRY LETS GO!” and proceeded to run up the stairs to my front door. She fumbled with the keys trying to break in. | (I had had the locks changed after the first ordeal and also had installed an indoor camera) | I was also video recording her at this time. | Since her keys werent working her and some guys started trying to break into the side window slats, they grabbed hammers and screwdrivers and were trying everything. I was standing at the top stoop by the door recording her the whole time. | Then she pushed me away and ran around back. (I changed that lock too.) Then she broke the window and unlocked the door from the inside (which I have her on camera doing from the perfect position of my indoor camera). | She came inside my house, went to the front door and unlocked it, opened it up, and I was standing there. I came inside behind her, closed the door and relocked it. | Natalie had gone into my bedroom and was grabbing all of my things and started throwing them down the back steps. | (By this time I had also called 911, My phone was also still recording) | I went to the backdoor, closed and lcoked it, she grabbed more things and went to the front door to unlock it to let people in again and go out of it. | I relocked it. | She came around back again and tried to get in again by unlocking through the broken window. She sturglled with me as I told her to leave and her and four other men assaulted me, hit me, pushed me and even slammed the door on my dogs head as I yelled at them to get out. She grabbed my phone from the counter and threw it down the stairs (all caught on camera). | Finally a female police officer arrived. | She told everyone except me to get out. | Two other officers arrived. | Natalie Lied to them and told them I was not supposed to be there. After lots of back and forth and even though I had message records and the police officer from a couple days before had read all my texts, The main officer with a big ego decided to arrest me for tresspassing. | Sam Rogan showed up and said he didnt know who I was (clearly). (PS- Natalie said he lived in Japan, so how did he just magically appear?) | All officers told them (also caught on camera) not to touch any of my stuff and that I would come by to get things the following day if thats how this went, with a stand by. | I was released within a short time from the police station with no court date and no charges when they realized that natalie was lying. | Very inconvenient however. | ————— | That same night I called the police officer from before to help me get my things but natalie refused and said that her attorney would deal with me the next day. I didnt have my wallet, a phone charger, any money, or any car keys. | ————- | The next morning I went down to the courthouse in a Lyft ride to file a lockout TRO. | While at the courthouse, I get an email for MR MARK BUCKMAN introducing himself as Natalie and Sams attorney. He said that ALL of my things had been put outside (in complete disobedience of police orders) and that if I didnt want things to get stolen or rained on I should hurry and get it. | I went down to the house in another lyft to find one dumbbell, a plant and a bag of condiments thrown on the ground and sidewalk. | I called the police to file a police report. | I called my attorneys. | The TRO was granted and needed to be served. I went to the police station to have them serve it. | Then Mr Buckman began to play his little game while my attorneys warned him that if ALL of my things had been placed outside there would be some big problems since this included MONEY, ASSETS, ID, BC, and ALL clothes, electronics, furniture etc etc. | Now to make the long story short. | Mark then tried talking bad about me to my attornies. He was given multiple opportunities to return my things and just kept giving us the runaround. | He then had one of his own employees move into MY house and sign a fictituous lease so that i could not regain control of the property. | When I went to the property with my friend recording, the guy WYATT KAM opened the door and actually let me inside. I found SOme of my items still in the house but we didnt have long before a man (MARK BUCKMAN) came out of the front house and was recording with his flip phone telling Wyatt not to talk to me and telling me to get out that I was trespassing. (But how could I be if Wyatt, the leasee on the property, let me in?) | Mark wouldnt say who he was but we knew from his photos. My friend who was with me works for the state general attorney. | Mark had told my attornies that there was nothing of mine still in the house. | Oh wait – but I thought you had put it all on the curb mark? | anyway this went on for over a week. | They then tried to drop off a few boxes at my attornies office and I told them NO to deliver it right to me. | The boxes were a show. They were more than half empty. with junk. it was all for show. Just to look like they had delivered stuff. | My attornies gave him another change. | More boxes. four of the 8 of them had DEAD plants at the bottom. I have photos. | And then, when I had left town for CHRISTMAS, another box was left on the driveway of my friends house, in the rain. | She opened it for me, all trash and junk. | —— | Other info, Mark forged a TRO in Wyatts name against me saying I had come to the house and was stalking, and that he was scared just to try to keep me off the property. | wWyatt ended up messaging me on facebook and hitting on me. Telling me Mark Paid him to do what he did. | When we went to court for MY TRO against Natalie, Mark told the judge that I had no rights as a tenant since I was “hired” which was BS and the judge threw out my TRO. I told her about everything else and she told me that I Should talk to my attorney about damages. | What a joke! | My attorney did some digging to find Mark has been reprimanded before. He even called mark a snake and told me to go after him that he was not a good person. | I hired a different attorney now just so I can have my other attornies as the witnesses to his ambient abuse. | TO date, they have stolen more than $250k in assets and cost me another $50k in damages and business and belongings. | They also had someone – or maybe they just posted a fake name – post on this very site and say that I was a scam artist and that I had lied about a vacation rental property. | I messaged Natalie after christmas that I forgive them all for what they have done to me. | (i didnt mention that I havent forgotten or that I will seek retrebution for my damages) | | *** UNETHICAL PRACTICES BY MARK *** | He called my dad on a private number ten times adn when my dad finally answered MArk introduced himself as MY attorney and was snooping for info. my dad said he specifically said Mark said he was MY attorney and my dad doesnt lie. He asked about my aunts death and my dad coming to hawaii. | Hoponopono Deary. | | Word for the wise – NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THESE HORRIBLE PEOPLE. Always get a contract even with your best friends and ALWAYS RECORD video, lock your doors and KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. | | DO NOT LET PEOPLE LIKE THIS GET AWAY WITH IT! There are attorneys out there who will help and work on contingency in these cases where the suit is large. | | Ask for help and DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED by threats from dirty lawyers. | Apparently, the snakery runs in the buckmans blood. | My housemate decided to name them the “F*$%man”. I thought that was clever.

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