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The first day I walked in, I had just had a procedure on my back. I found them on Google Maps I think. It was a very painful day. I just needed some juice. I got 3 bottles. Buy 2 get 1 free. The owner was not there. I was happy when I left only to find out that it was a a thicker mix. They told me 50/50 not the cheap stuff you got from the other stores. I showed them my slimy and simple vaporizer, and that’s when the nightmare began. Remember, I only remember extreme moments at that point in my life. So, pour the juice in my tank, and the its clogging up, carbon build up (I remember flashes because I had to get up from the pains in my back to clean that junk up. Then, I wake up 5 weeks ago with a battery I bought from a reputable company that apparently my mother turned me onto some time over a year ago which I should have stuck to. The reason I know that is because I saved all the receipts and went through them. I did my research and they are a huge chain very reputable and good prices but a little further away from my residence. Now you can understand why I went to iSmoke Vapor Gallery. They sell me a battery that they bring from the back with the factory seal already broken. I was shocked because I thought it was a window unit. I asked, why are the seals broken, every time since, the answer has been different. “make sure the color is right” to “we have to make sure it’s right” etc.. I asked how long is the return of exchange policy in case I don’t like it, thay ask the owner, Michael, and he says 7 days as long as the battery does not have a single scratch. OK. So, I go home. I add padding in my charging areas and I made sure that it was always cared for better than my own fingers. I whipped it with computer monitor cloth gently that’s made for those eye glasses and electronics even though it didn’t need that much care. I used it maybe 3 times total and no more than 30 minutes each. Then, after charging it, the power button started the rattle. I go go to the store and tell them that I want one that’s brighter in colot so I can see it at night. And I mentioned that the power button started to rattle. The sales person said that’s weird. The owner said they all do that. Red flags went up and I asked for an exchange nicely. They hand me another one that rattled more. I got scared. I really feared for my life. It even had scratches and I went home and started to document everything. I called them and asked them if they “still had my original unit there”, they said “yes”. I asked if I can come “bring the gray one back because it’s not charging all the way” I also asked if they can “make my juice a little bit sweeter just like the first time?”, they said: “yes, as long as you can be there before we close in a bit by 6”. I said “I’ll be there in 15 minutes via Uber or something” They took my juice to the back. I waited upfront. Then, I wondered where my battery was. I asked, “did you find my battery? They said no. then they called the owner Michael and I asked if I can help locate it, they didn’t object, I did my best to keep my back pains to myself because I didn’t want them to think they could pull a fast one on me. My goal was to retrieve my paid in full Original Battery that was 90% charged and get now the 6 bottles of juice that I had to pay for because they scared up the second mix and tried to pass a 60/40 mix onto me as a 50/50 with the right flavor and leave. I asked them to remember the mix or give it to me so i don’t have to go through this process agai and again. All the sudden, after calling the owner, they found my original battery. He handed it to me and told me you can have it this time but the owner said that no more exchanges because YOU are starting to sound like you’re trying to be shady. I told him, this is my original on. This is my box. This is the one the rattled lightly not like the other ones. I knew it was mine because I left a mark on the outside of the box that no one would ever notice except me. After he gave it to me and said that along with my juices and as I was walking outside, I said: “then I’ll take my business elsewhere” I’m not going to be threatened or bullied. All the sudden he changed his mind and said no, you can’t leave with it. What? We just agreed. You just handed it to me in my hand and tried to lecture me. If you didn’t talk down to me, I would have come back. But now. I’m going to ask for a refund because I cannot get the manufacturer’s warranty when I walked outside and left WITH MY ORIGINAL BATTERY AND MY JUICES THAT I PAID FOR IN FULL AND I DON’T TRUST THAT THE BATTERY IS EVEN BRAND NEW AS YOU SWORE UP AND DOWN THAT IT WOULD BE. SO, h*e AM I GOING TO GET MY MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY IF IT CLEARLY STATES THAT I MUST TAKE IT BACK TO THE LICENSED DEALER THAT I AGREED TO A TRESPASSING WARNING WITH IT. And when I got home, I plugged it into my charger and it charged in less that 5 minutes. New units take at least 30+ minutes. I knew it’s mine. I felt it and lookes under and took a video to prove all of that before I even left the car and I even validated the mark. So small, only I would know. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM ANYWHERE ESPECIALLY ISMOKE VAPOR GALLERY AKA ISMOKE AND VAPOR GALLERY AKA WWW.ISMOKEANDVAPOR.COM AKA I may have received a trespassing warning, but believe me, I was so glad I called the police They barely heard the recording. But if you dont refund everything in full simply because you wasted my time and money on Uber rides back and forth and not to mention the fact that my back is physically torn. Then, I have everytjing documented and I’ll respond in kind. This post will remain until I receive a full refund. I’ll gladly share this with the media in case you dare try to threaten me again.

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