Israel Tennis Centers


This charitable organization shows one face to the world and quite another behind the scenes. They all but kiss the feet of their donors, to their faces. However, they conduct DETAILED and EXTENSIVE background checks of their potential donors BEHIND THEIR BACKS. They use software programs to find out these targeted individuals’ net worth and maintain files and reports on each person they want to fleece for a major donation. Thousands upon thousands of people they approach do not realize it but they have been unofficially “investigated” to find out how much money they have ahead of the time they are asked to donate. | Israel Tennis Centers’ staff then conducts a triage on the potential donors so they will know to go after the ones with the most money first. It is like watching a bunch of con artists prepare to fleece a victim. It’s pathetic, and they mostly go after American Jewish people to try to get donations out of them. Furthermore, those at the Israel Tennis Centers Foundation don’t even seem to realize that what they are doing is wrong. They have convinced themselves it’s right, proper and good, if you can believe it. What’s “right” about conducting extensive research about how much money somebody else has in the bank when it’s really none of their business in the first place? And if this foundation was really as pure as they would like people to believe they are, why do they jump through so many hoops to get “info” on these Jewish people they’re targeting? | It’s nothing less than an abomination! This is a foundation that desperately needs to clean house from the top on down. They operate in Israel, Canada, New York and Florida. If they approach you, you have my sympathy. Keep your checkbooks, your cash and your credit cards in your pockets, because no matter how much you give them, they’re going to know how much more you have and will try to approach you for that, too!

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