It was a foolish mistake to trust the reviews online!


Legacy Dentistry seemed like a legit place which I can trust. They only have good reviews on the internet, which is rare to see these days. Legacy Dentistry is a totally fucked up place it certainly isnít trustworthy. The doctors here are always trying to convince you to get an expensive procedure done. They will exaggerate your dental problem and then fuck up your teeth. I got an appointment at Legacy Dentistry for getting Veneers. Legacy Dentistry claims to be an expert in veneers that is why I didnít look anywhere else. These MFs charged me $6,000 for TWO Veneers! And not only that, after 2 weeks, one of the veneers FELL OUT OF MY MOUTH. These things are supposed to last for freaking DECADES. I contacted Legacy Dentistry to consult them about this issue, however, they didnít even pick up my call. I tried emailing them the details but received no response from the emails as well. After trying everything, I simply went to the clinic the next day and asked them for a refund. See, I wasnít going to pay $3000 for veneers that would last less than a month! However, the staff at Legacy Dentistry was persistent in not giving me a refund. They stated that the veneers werenít supposed to fall off like that and all they can do is stick it back on. After I realized that they werenít going to give me any refunds, I decided to get the veneer back on. The same ortho did the job and exactly 30 days later BOTH OF THE VENEERS FELL OFF. Now, this was my breaking point. This was the worst thing that could happen to those veneers! Legacy Dentistry claimed that they have the best veneers in the market and as stated on their website, they can ďbrighten your smile for over a decadeĒ. I went to Legacy Dentistry and just asked for a refund, I did not need the veneers now, at least from these morons. But instead of even listening to my side of the problem, they stated, ďMaybe you were overusing the veneers, ma\’am, because our veneers have never gotten this problem and Iím sorry but we cannot give you any refunds.Ē This was totally absurd and RUDE! I wasnít eating rocks and mountains or anything too hard that would damage the veneers! And not giving any sort of compensation for this incident is called BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. I left their building and I will never go back. They basically stole my six grand and there is nothing I can do about it now. Legacy Dentistry should be closed soon, otherwise, they are going to keep scamming people. If they donít improve their quality and customer service, this place is going down. And until they do, STAY AWAY from Legacy Dentistry. I didnít know about the real side of this clinic and that is why I had to suffer such a horrible experience.

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