cost of cleanup virus on laptop and desktop computors


My Complaint: I was trying to install McAfee Security on my pc .I though i was talking to AOL Tech people because I pay for a AOL package which includes McAfee Security.I found out It was ITech , they said I had viruses on my computors that they could clean up. I panicked and said ok and had to pay $199.00 for a 3 month program each computor.I found out that I could have done it for free by down loading a free Malwarebyte progam that scans your programs and will fix it. I found this out because i got a Trogan horse on my desktop 2 weeks later . I downloaded a free Malwarebyte program and fixed it myself. I then reloaded McAfee Security through AOL. THe cost was Zero. Can you help me?


My Demand: I realize this was my falt but I didn’t want to mess my computers up so I let them do it.I would like to get hal back.

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