IVRose / Advancer Review


Scam! I ordered a product through the website IVROSE on june 18th 2017, the seller sent me 3 different tracking numbers non of which ever worked, (item was never found and i would get an error message) each time. now when i sent them a message on july 13th requesting information on my product they replied with a message saying my item was damaged and had to be re-shipped, however I never got a notice this happened, and the “new tracking number”, they claim is the current tracking number does not work yet again. Its been a month, I am angry and not EVER!!! going to order from this company again. Now I”m waiting for a refund that probably won”t ever come. Its a shame as much as the item wasn”t a great deal of money, it was an outfit i ordered for a function mind you) i ordered 2 weeks in advance of when i needed it and now I”m still diddling around trying to figure out wtf happened.

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