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These iYogi people are a bunch of scam artists. First of all, they hate dealing with women. When my computer went nuts after a power drop I called Dell and they informed that they had sold their service department for their out of warranty computers. They gave me the phone number of the company and it was a USA exchange. It was supposed to be free diagnostic but I had to paid this company called iYogi $149.99 to tell my if my computer had a problem. Three weeks later my computer would not go on line so I contacted them. Their tech person said that they would call me back. They called three days later, on a Sunday. The tech tried for 20 minutes to fix the computer and then told me that he could not fix it or even tell me what was wrong with it. Now get this, he tells me to bring the computer to a repair shop and have then diagnose the problem and then call him back and tell him what the shop said. I tell him that the shop charges $80 and he said “do you want the computer fixed or not?” It was a simple network card problem that anyone who fixes computers should know how to diagnose. This company. iYogi does not have any qualified computer tech people working there. Do not do business with these people, ever. I do not know why a company like Dell would do business with a company located in India, The computer scam capitol of the world. Had I known that I was calling India I never would have used them. I now have a contract that is completely useless. .

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