J. D. Marvel Products Dothan Al Review


I ordered a set of 2 bras from ad in Parade Magazine. An insert in local newspaper, The Dothan Eagle Newspaper. On June 27, 02, I mailed a personal check #2782, made payable to J.D. Marvel Products, in the amount of $18.25 for 2 bras. nOn July 18, 02, I received a notice to send a check for $3.00 to cover shipping & handling for my order of 2 bras. I mailed a personal check #2737, on 7/18/02 for $3.00 to J.D. Marvel Products, Dept 721-109, Bx 3270, Champlain, Fl. 12919. The same address as my bra order. nAll of my checks have cleared my bank account. nAs of August 25, 02, I have neither received nor had any further contact from J.D. Marvel Products. Upon checking the computer, I found that not only I, but many people have been Ripped Off by J.D. Marvel Products. I am very angry that I have been ripped off of my money and unable to get the merchandise I ordered in good faith. nIt is my request that Rip Off Report take whatever action is appropriate to close the company down and stop the Rip Off of elderly women, like myself, who often rely on mail order shopping from advertisements in magazines, newspapers, catalogs, as public transportation for shopping isn’t available in my area. nVioletnDothan, Alabama

Dept 721-109, Bx 3270 Champlain, Florida U.S.A.

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