J.G. Wentworth


When i was 20 1996 i went to j g wentworth to get out of debt they offered me out of $12,500, $9000. I was desperate at the time so i took the deal. I didnt know any better and me and my family were pressed for money, i took the deal. The second time 1998 i went back to them as i was trying to help my mom purchase a house. She was going through some rough times and i wanted to help. I had another $12, 500 check which wasnt due for 2 more yrs. Out of the pressure in trying to help my mom i took a deal from them which they gave me around $4,000 out of the $12,500 i was to recieve. At the time i knew nothing about finances and as i got older i feel i was ripped off for that money by j g wentworth.

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