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I have been getting calls from this place for maybe a few weeks. I recently had a trip out to CA and when I saw that number pop up, I thought, “hey, might be something I did out in CA on vacation” so I answered. I was greeted by a Cory Jacobs who said that there is a legal claim against me and that I need to call 844-255-7020 ASAP with a legal case code. I was scared and immediately called that number which lead me to a Priscilla Vega who then informed me that AT&T had a legal claim and is suing me for $800+ on a past due balance, dating back to May 7th, 2009. I was informed that fines and even jail time can be coming my way if I don’t pay. I told them that I just can’t afford $800+ dollars right now. Priscilla put me on hold and came back and said that they will accept a one time settlement of $360.00 so I agreed to that. After all was said and done, they sent me an agreement via e-mail for $150+ to be taken on Feb 7th 2015 and then the rest of the $360 on Feb 14th 2015. After I got home and explained what happened to my current fiance and he looked into this for me. The first thing that popped up on google was SCAM! Immediately I put all 3 credit bureaus on a credit freeze, notified my banks, am having to replace so much info. They made me feel like if I didn’t do this, I was going to get arrested or something. I really didn’t know any better and this is a major lesson for me. I also reported them to the FTC. They must be stopped! They made it sound so believeable. I mean, they even had my DOB, Address etc…which now looking at it, is accessable online anyway. Aaron Collier is the guy who e-mailed me the agreement for payment. I also thought about the phone call afterwards and Priscilla told me it was AT&T but when I got the agreement in my e-mail, it stated it was for Verizon and the account number was my old home number from NY…about 15 years ago…it took me a minute to notice it. I called the office today and spoke with the receptionist and got the address. She had to put me on hold twice to get it. Shady people. I didn’t pay them a penny, I set up an agreement for payment but they got all of my checking info. .

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