J R employment agency Bronx New York


Complaint: I went to J R Employment Agency also known as A1 staffing located in Bronx, NY 10468 and these people scammed me. They ask you for a fee of $125 dollars and then promise you that they will get you a job. The jobs that they have are jobs that anyone can find walking around the streets of New York City such as: Cashier, House Keeper, Dish washer, Waitress etc. If you ask for a job like let say in a hospital or in an office as a secretary they’ll tell you that they don’t have those available that they just work with a lot of restaurants. They will never have any jobs at any stores, only the famous “restaurants”” which is what they focus on. So then they will tell you that you have 7 days to try the job and that if you didn’t like it

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Address: that they will give you a new job. Now I know times are hard with the economy so I am writing this because I don’t want anyone getting scammed out there. Listen to this

Website: LIE NUMBER 2. Lie number 1 is the fact that they ask you for a fee for a simple job that anyone can get

Phone: once you go to the job to speak to the managers you are told something completely different

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