Jack Williams Tire Review


I have been doing busy with Jack Williams Tire for a few years now, but I always get the “Your vehicle needs a lot of work” When I ask what and how much, I am told $800, $1100, etc. Once I was told I needed a complete air conditioner unit on a four year old vehicle. They said the tubing, the collector, the compressor and condenser all needed replacing. All that was needed was a compressor, but Jack Williams insisted it all had to go! I was told there were no leaks in the system but it all needs replacing. The total? $1100. They also said they would try to save me some money by getting a used compressor from the junkyard! The price? $800. One manager even admitted that Jack Williams doubles the price of the parts needed. You can not even go to the dealer and buy the parts and have Jack Williams do the labor for you. Boy have the days of the friendly neighborhood mechanic disappeared!! I always get a second opinion when Jack Williams says my vehicles need major work. Do not be afraid to speak your mind when you hear the B.S. from Jack Williams. .

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