Jackie Duke New Martinsville, West Virginia West Virginia


My fiancť and I had been together for 10 years and had 3 beautiful children. He had started a new job, which is where he met her at. They had messed around for months before I found out. I knew he was acting different, but couldnít quite catch him. || One night I went through the pictures on his phone and there she was. The day before Halloween he decided to leave thinking”THE GRASS WAS GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE”, I was in total shock, my world went upside down not only for me, but for our kids. He kept saying they will adjust and telling me she was his”boss” and he wasnít with her like that. (Which I knew wasnít true) || Well truth behold, they were and had been. The sad thing is she knew about me, she didnt care, too P**SY to confront me face to face, she stayed away. Kept saying she was the”MATURE” one, yes itís very mature tearing a family apart, to meet your own selfish needs. You have your own kids, whose fathers donít only not have anything to do with them, but not you either. You canít find a single man, you whored your way in on a practically MARRIED, man. HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT KNOWING KIDS ARE HURTING AND WAITING FOR THEIR FATHER? || I know itís not only her fault, it takes two to tango, but after time has passed and truth unfolds, I have really realized what a completely dirty conniving little bitch she really is. Telling people that they work with, that he was her ticket out of her shitty pathetic life and I’m sure the things he said sounded like his life was”so bad” and he was so”unhappy”, but that wasn’t and isn’t the truth. Finally after a few months, he realized he had made a mistake and how important we really are to him. I want to make it clear we both made mistakes, we are trying to move on and I have chosen to forgive him, BUT LET IT BE KNOWN I WONT FORGET. I canít imagine being as low as she is. To say I need to let it go and move on is an understatement, WE ARE MOVING ON, but I wonít ever let it go. She still has an obsession with him, text him things like”well I guess I better move on, you did” YES YOU STUPID BITCH, HE HAS A FAMILY…YOU WERE A CONVENIENCE, NO ONE WANTS OR IS JEALOUS OF A PATHETIC WHORE…. || On a positive note, that new car of mine sure is nice….

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