Jackie Rivero – Glendale, California California


I knew my husband had been cheating on me. I have caught him many times lying to me. Saying he is at his friends homes watching sports. I will call and his friends would always make excuses that he is in the restroom or went to the store to go buy snacks and beer. I drove over to his friends homes twice and did not even see his car and he never went back to his friends, if he was even there. The two times I did this, he called me and asked where was I. He lied, was never with his friends, how many times has he done this. I told him I was going out of town with my sister and our kids, to take them to Disney Land. But this time I lied. I left on Saturday morning and went back home and sneaked in the back way. I heard noises in our bedroom, than screaming… || I new what I was about to see, but I was still shocked. Javier was naked and had some woman bent over and was having sex with Jackie Rivero. They were so into it they did not even see me standing there. I went to the frig and got a dozen eggs and put 3 of them in my hand and smashed them in my husbands face. || He was so scared he jumped out of the bed and ran to the bathroom and locked himself in. While Jackie Rivero stayed there naked sitting in my bed, saying I did not know he was married. I told her,”Hey stupid, don’t you see our wedding picture hanging on the wall right over our bed”. Then I started throwing eggs at her face and screaming at her to get out of my house, she ran out the door naked and even left her bag behind. I burned her clothes and her over-night bag. The next day I called a lawyer and started my divorce. This woman is such a home wrecker. This was a picture of Jackie Rivero on the family computer, I was so sicken by this.

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