Jacob Law Group / Jacob Collection Group Complaint


A company hired Jacob Law Group to collect on a debt I owed. I recognize the debt and will pay when I can. At the moment I have a household of people depending on my income to eat, stay warm, and keep the roof over our heads. My income consists of a disability check, a social security check, and food stamps. I assure you its not enough to live on. We still have to make the trip to the food bank every week to get enough groceries to feed us. I’m not saying that any of this would make a difference to a debt collector even if I told it to them. I wasn’t surprised when Jacob Law Group put a lien on our bank account. I was surprised that the little money that was in the account was collected and the account put in the negative. I don’t work and like I said all the money I get is from disability insurance and Social Security. Both of which can’t be collected via lien since it is protected by federal law. I contacted my attorney and he advised me that he would get the money back. He got some of the money back only to have the bank transfer everything back to Jacob Law Group. Right now I can’t cash my checks. I’m about out of food. I don’t know how much longer the utilities will be on for. So I called the number on the Jacob Law Group collection letter. After a few minutes of being transferred, waiting, then being transferred again I talked to “Reggie” (I don’t think debt collectors have to tell you their real name). Reggie never actually told me if he was a debt collector or not. I calmly explained to him that if he indeed was a debt collector that FDCPA forces him to tell me. He got angry and said that I was being condescending. That wasn’t my intention at all. I told him I just wanted whomever was in charge of my case to give my attorney a call as soon as possible because he (my attorney) had been trying to contact them for weeks and had been leaving messages the entire time. Reggie told me I was trying to pick a fight with him and I realized that this guy wasn’t going to help me so I said “goodbye” and hung up. If you ever have to deal with ‘Reggie’ or anyone from Jacob Law Group good luck.

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