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Complaint: Jacob21 on fiverr charged me 100$ for a website audit using his premium service on fiverr. Jacob21 then sent me a software generated report that had been edited to make it look like he had written it. I was shocked by this and spoke to other buyers who had used his service. What I found was even worse. He is sending everyone the same reports and jacob21 is just changing the site details and is charging 100$ for this on fiverr. I left feedback on my order expressing my opinion on this and he then lied in his feedback to cover his tracks. He stated I ordered his basic package which does not include a proper report and jacob21 fiverr stated I should have ordered the premium package for a full report. I was outraged by this as I ordered his premium package and he has lied in his feedback thinking no one will know. Jacob21 knew that I could not change my feedback once I had left it as when I tried it was locked. What he does not know is what buyers pay for the orders is visible to many buyers and they can see he has lied. Do not order a site audit from jacob21 on fiverr when you are going to get ripped off. you can get the same from other sellers for 5$ or 10$. Jacob21 is a frauld and should not be allowed to rip off hard working people out of their hard earned money. Do not deal with jacob21 he is sending everyone the same seo reports regardless of what you order.

Tags: Search Engine Optimization, SEO- Reputation Management

Address: Budapest, Budapest Hungary

Website: www.fiverr.com/jacob21


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