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Complaint: I was disappointed in the cheap windows used in my Jacobsen manufactured home, since the had NO balance mechanism and were difficult to operate. After living with those windows for a few years, I decided to replace them with proper quality windows. What disturbed me the most is when I removed the vinyl siding to remove the old windows. There was NO house wrap or other water resistant surface on the OSB (orient strand board) to protect it from moisture damage. Using Tyvek or other covering is not expensive but certainly necessary, especially since the OSB surface is not water resistant. What was even more annoying and what prompted me to write this complaint is that the OSB around the windows was not protected with flashing, as is normal practice. Because of this, at the bottom edge of each window, the OSB was rotting away. In one area it was so bad that I had to replace some of the OSB. These are supposed to be homes they are building not just sheds used to store material. This practice is careless and entirely outside the realm of proper design of exterior surfaces. Suggested method of installing vinyl start with: “To protect the sheathing a covering of wind wrap (a slick

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Address: tough paper) are attached all around the house. “” OR Advice to amateur builders: “”All that is left to do is to protect the exterior of the house with a moisture barrier. We are now going to wrap the house with House Wrap.”” Further information about the house wrap and window flashing is provided by a representative of the OSB Industry (Structural Board Association) says this: “”During installation

Website: I guess that Jacobsen does not read these documents or simply ignores the need to protect the OSB. While OSB is a cheaper alternative to plywood

Phone: ensure that framing around openings is protected by sheathing paper and proper flashing is installed over doors

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