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Overpriced and Shady

Jacques Financial is probably the most overpriced financial services provider in the region. They had quoted us $$$$ for a simple consultation service. Moreover, they made us wait for the meeting when we had arrived on time. These people donít care about their customers. Itís obvious from their treatment. After I had received that receipt from Jacques Financial, I thought that the whole industry was too expensive. Because of that, I had started avoiding financial consultation services. Itís not like they told us anything new either. They gave us very generic financial advice for hundreds of dollars.

I donít think Iím allowed to share the details here but I can say that those people didnít tell us something we didnít know. It was very disappointing because you donít expect such poor service for something that costs you so much.

One of my friends has recommended getting a professional financial consultation due to my unique situation. I donít want to go into my personal details for privacy reasons, but letís just say, I was in a situation where I had never been before. So, my friend thought a professional opinion would be very helpful. When I looked up financial services in my area, the name of Jacques Financial popped up. They have plenty of positive reviews on the internet, so I thought it would be best to work with them. Although there were a few negative reviews on them, I didnít pay attention to them, which was a huge mistake. Now I believe I should have trusted those one-start reviews. 

Although I have worked with financial software, I hadnít worked with a financial advisor before.  So I had no idea how much these people charge for their services. Now that Iím writing it here, I realise my mistake. I should have done some research before trusting the first name that popped up on my mobile screen. 

My experience with Jacques Financial has taught me a lot of things. First, I learned that you shouldnít trust every review out there. Itís possible that the positive reviews are there only to mislead you. At least pay attention to those negative reviews. Itís one of the big reasons why I am adding a review on this platform. I donít want anyone else to pay so much extra for a simple and affordable service.

These people donít give you any jewels or benefits for their highly expensive consultations. If youíd look up Jacques FInancial reviews, youíll find plenty of people complaining about the price of their services. Please read those reviews carefully. A big reason why I didnít pay attention to those reviews was because someone from Jacques Financial had responded to every one of them. However, I recently checked those responses and found that they are all automated responses. There is nothing unique in those responses. They have added those responses to those negative reviews for the sake of adding something. Again, it’s a tactic to mislead people. 

The second-biggest lesson I learned from my experience with Jacques Financial is that the financial industry has plenty of fraudsters out there. You can easily fall prey to a scammer who takes advantage of peopleís lack of financial knowledge. Jacques Financial is one of those firms who focus on deceiving people. They are unethical and highly immoral. 

I wouldnít have felt the need to add a review but I recently discovered that their charges were exponentially higher than the industry average. I was discussing the cost of financial consultations with some of my friends and this event came up, When they heard how much I had paid Jacques Financial, they thought I was joking. So imagine my horror when I discovered that Jacques FInancial had scammed me by charging me a much higher price. I donít want anyone else to fall prey to this vicious scam. Thatís why I have written this review. Donít trust all those old reviews that claim Jacques Financial is a great service provider, they are very misleading. You should find someone else who charges reasonably and doesnít try to deceive its customers. Avoid doing business with Jacques Financial, thatís all Iím trying to say. 

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