Jamie Chupka Lansingburgh, New York New York


My mother met my stepfather about 3 years ago when he was interviewing her for a job.  They hit it off, dated, and got engaged Thanksgiving Day 2013 in front of our friends and family and got married March 2014. || Which brings us to now. My mother had known that John had some mental problems, he’s socially awkward and will say odd things at inopportune times (like complaining about her cooking in front of a group of people, or bringing up a past transgression). So, it wasn’t very odd that my step father was withdrawing and would insult my mother for no reason or talk about her gaining weight (while he has gained 60 lbs in the last 6 months). However, it DID become odd when he would scream at her over small things, demand she give him all of her money, refuse to sleep in bed with her and sneak out during the night with no explanation of where he was until 3:30 in the morning. || I’m not quite sure of when but somewhere in the last 6 months he met Jamie. Jamie was relatively known in our city because she co-wrote a book about being a junkie and overcoming it with”love”. Really, the book is just about her whining about something being”wrong” with her and she finds solace in drugs and alcohol and avoids being an adult because boohoo, Jamie gets sad sometimes. || Soon after they met they start texting and getting too friendly. She’s well aware he’s married. He’s meeting her for lunch, coffee, calling her beautiful and sexy, texting her every morning and every night, meeting her parents, her child. Unsurprisingly, she soon starts complaining about her life. She never has money. Her ex-husband stresses her so much. If it weren’t for her daughter, she’d be drunk right now… and, the inevitable.”I hate to ask you…” but can I borrow gas money? Of course my step father is so hot for her he’s practically throwing money at her for a chance to get in bed. Then she starts asking for groceries. This 42 year old mess of a”woman” and”mother” can’t even put gas in her car? Buy herself some groceries? She needs to lead an old man on for her basic needs? To feed her kid? Some people dont deserve to be parents. The crazy slut even asks him to adopt a baby boy with her. Who does that? Of course they talk about”making bab(ies)”, too. He was even planning on renting a room and visiting her while she was in Merrick, NY because the pathetic skank ran out of money and may have been stranded there. || Also, within the last 2 months my step father decides to tell my mother she and him will not be having Christmas this year because he’s”broke”… unsurprisingly, at the same time Jamie is feeding him sob stories about not being able to afford Christmas for her daughter. What a coincidence. Clearly he was going to be the hero and give that whore and her daughter the Christmas they always dreamed of while neglecting his FAMILY at home. My mother, my sister, his grandson(who he adores oh-so-much). || When my mother found out (because the asshole was letting my nephew play with his phone while he was texting the bimbo) she kicked him out of the house, and packed up his junk. After ONE night my stepfather can’t handle it so he starts emailing my mother asking to come home and telling her Jamie is”just a friend” and everything he said was”all in jest”. Really? Spending”every night”(her words) with a random woman you’re keeping a secret is”just a friend”? Buying her groceries, SLEEPING AT HER HOUSE”every night” is just a joke? || Ha. Haha. Good one. I see the humor. || So, watch out for this junkie skank. She obviously can’t support herself much less her daughter so she throws her vagina around like confetti to get men to pay for her living expenses. Pathetic. Did I mention she works for the state? What the hell are you doing with your state paycheck that you can’t put gas in your car or buy your damn groceries? || Also, she claims she didn’t know my stepfather was married even though she mentions it several times in their texts. || Lying floozy. || Read her blog if you get a second. It’s a treat. You can feel the pathetic self-hate. (link removed)

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