Jammie Kizer – Twentynine Palms, California California


She had an affair with her husband’s friend. Since she is going to divorce her husband one day, she felt it is okay to sleep with another married man. Despite that, she still lives with her husband. Jammie’s married lover also lives with his wife. When her husband was out of town she often invited her married lover over to her house. A house that she only cleaned up the downstairs in certain areas and her upstairs looks like she is a hoarder. She allowed her dog that was 3 years old to shit and piss on pee pads, or the floor if he felt like it. Jammie and her married lover would often have sex in her gold Durango. When her married lover’s wife found out, she made her husband tell Jammie it was over. Well, Jammie refused to move on, so she continued seeing the married man. Then she started talking shit about her married lover’s wife. Well, Jammie’s husband found out and told the lover’s wife that the relationship was still going on. However, by this time Jammie was supposedly done because she seen her married lover out in public being happy with his wife, and he did not acknowledge her.

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