Janeth Garcia-Regalado Casa Grande, Arizona Arizona


When my husband and I moved to Arizona we had no friends! But we quickly made friends with some of his coworkers! Janeth and her husband became really good friends of ours! Janeth and I hit it off really well! We hung out all the time! I honestly considered her my really good friend. Then a couple weeks after Valentine ’s Day my husband started acting really weird! He would make a big deal out of the things we always used to do together. He started going out one the weekends (that was something we never did. Going to the bars and the clubs wasn’t our thing to do.) My womanly intuition got the best of me! While he was sleeping I grabbed his phone… And the messages I found were quite shocking to me. Janeth and her husband were having issues, my husband and her got close because she would ask him advice. The more they started talking to each other, the more their feelings got in the way and they were actually planning on”running” away with each other. My husband brought her flowers, took her out to dinner! Things we hadn’t done together in a long time. I sent her a message letting her know how I felt… I told her she needed to stop talking to my husband. Of course she told my husband everything. And he was forbidden to talking to her. I think he really wanted both of us at the time. || One day she called me and told me that she wanted to talk. We met up and she told me that she was not attracted to my husband and that she never should have taken his gifts! She told me that she was going to be working things out with her husband. She told me she valued me as a friend and that she never wanted to hurt me, and that she wanted to keep our friendship going and stop talking to my husband. While we were having this conversation her husband was there. The bitch lied. She was just telling me what she wanted him to hear. This whole time my husband was cold and was pushing me further and further out of his life. He even bought me a ticket to move back home, and he was going to stay here. He swore that he wasn’t going to see her anymore… He just needed time. We tossed around the d-word; we even made an appointment to see a mediator! Things died down a little for a while, my husband’s behavior was still questionable, but we were working things out… He told me that they did kiss but nothing else. Janeth left for a week to Mexico to have some surgery. When she came back is when my husband started acting weird again! He went out a few times and would stay out all night. One time her husband came by because he couldn’t find her. He drove by their job and saw that my car was there but they weren’t. I was heated! He didn’t come home until 3 in the morning. The next weekend was their friend’s birthday. They went to Phoenix and I couldn’t get ahold of him. It was maybe 5 in the morning and I could not get a hold of him. So I checked our bank account and there was a charge at a hotel in town! I got myself in the car and waited.  I guess I missed her because he told me to come pick him up. We got in a really bad argument. Thing went downhill from there… Nothing physical but there was some property damage involved. My husband got a differed sentence. || During this time I write the chick and let her know that I hated her and that she ruined my life and hers as well. She ended up packing and moved back to Cali with her parents and husband. Now he has to pay a fee, and do counseling! He had went to our home town for a few days to visit…. During that time he told me that we were going to talk about us and what’re we’re going to do…. He did let me know that she might be pregnant, and that it is most likely his. During this whole time I prayed like crazy for God to save my marriage. I am a Christian. The Tuesday before he came home he called me and told me that he does want to work things out, but he got a call from Janeth, she told him that she was pregnant. My heart broke in to a million pieces considering we had been trying for a baby for 6 years.  I said some hurtful thing to him which made him even angrier.  When he got home he still had the chick’s picture as his wallpaper on his phone…. I begged for him to remove it but it pushed him further away.  I knew my husband still had feelings for her.  She would call all the time and he would call her all the time. || Eventually the calls died down. One day he got a call, that she had a miscarriage…. I’m not going to lie my heart rejoiced… I did have to ask God for forgiveness…. I truly believe that was the only thing holding my marriage in limbo… Things started to get back to normal, he deleted ever single reminder of her. I know his passwords to his phone, email, Facebook.  We started seeing the marriage counselor and we are now both very involved in church.  After 6 years of marriage I can truly say my marriage is better than ever… I trust him. And he is so in love with me… I prayed and prayed that god would restore my marriage and that my husband would fall back in love with me! And he has… Even though it has only been about 8 months, we are able to talk about the issues we have had. We communicate so much better now! I love my husband so much, and I am so happy I did not give up. I don’t know how Janeth is doing…. Sometimes I am tempted to write her but I know it won’t get me anywhere… I am moving on! And I am so happy that my husband is in my life!

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