Complaint: Jason Murakami is a fool. An egomaniac, he is as useless as t**s on a bull. Portrays himself as a competent lawyer, yet he has never one a case bigger than a speeding fine. Wouldn’t get a jersey in Sydney or Melbourne. Just a small time ambulance chaser. As corrupt as the day is long. Made money selling drugs via the Finks in night clubs in Surfers Paradise. Linked to Tim Ward and Mick Gatto. Scammed a close friend of mine for $300,000. Just low life scum. Dishonest, but stupid dishonest, not smart. If you need a lawyer, anyone but him.

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Address: Nerang Street, Southport Internet United States of America

Website: www.nystlawyers.com.au/

Phone: 0755 918641

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