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Complaint: keeping diesel engines running is a challenge these days. Jasper running / complete engines as a oem replacement will keep you or your shop very busy. The last engines that have been purchased to get my school route busses back on the road have all failed within 30 day’s of service. to be more specific, 5ea. 6.0ltr or vt365, 1 6.5 gmc. To be fair, the most common failure have been injector issues and only one catastrofic failure. I have a piece of the piston on my desk and the block has a see thru view. this engine did not make it thru the third oil [email protected] 13,700 MI. THE REPLACEMENT failed with only 800 mi. again starting with an injector failure, jasper warranty dept. didn’t want to send a replacement injector because my warranty had expired, wow, really. I guess 800 mi. was too much to ask for a replacement. Oh yea ,did I tell you that I’m the warranty repair guy. I get to do all their work because they only pay $65.00 per hr. I dont know where they get that rate because truck rates are double that figure..ok,back to the 800 mi replacement/replacement engine. after repairing the skippimg problem , the “engine “” light is on

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Address: no power on the lower end rpm. Now it has a oil rail pressure issue. the IPC sensor was not new . It had grey paint over blue

Website: no I was just confused again

Phone: thats international color…..and the vt valve on the turbo was also used and used up. replaced both parts with new oem parts and the engine is running fine now..but wait

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