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I am writing this as an ex-Employee that was never paid and want to warn anybody who wants to invest, partner, or work for these lying con artist. i worked at the fort lee store in richmond, va for 2 months and realized hardy travis flowers and kristy flowers are straight up frauds and are only out to get over on as many people as they can even their OWN FAMILY. Directors ,Captains ,Sargents,inspectors at fort lee were disgusted and appalled at the way they did business go to fort lee at the kenner clinic and ask around for verification. When i went to complain to the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AFES) because thats who they HAD a contract with i was notified that hardy flowers and his wife / partner in crime kristy flowers have had several complaints from past employees that they were treated poorly not paid on time or not paid at all. HARDY TRAVIS FLOWERS and his wife/partner in crime KRISTY FLOWERS are sweet talikng catch me if you can type of business people that need to be stoped at all cost from opening another store or doing anykind of business at all without repaying the money they owe to the long line of employees they got work out of but decided not to pay. Their last store closed on september 26, 2013 in fort lee virginia. now they are trying to open a store were they now live in star, idaho..STOP THEM FROM SCAMING OTHER INNOCENT hard working tax paying citizens.

700 24th st fort lee, va star, Idaho USA


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