JC Equine Partnerships


My experience with this Lady was horrible, I contacted her to look at a horse she had posted on Facebook. I should of went with my gut feeling as she was very unprofessional, but i was very interested in the horse so I made appointment to see him. I drove several hours to see him, as soon as I got there, there were undesirable people hanging out front (I locked my car). It took her several minutes to come greet me, She took me back to where the horse was already tied up and looked sweaty, I addressed my feelings she became very rude.

She tacked up the horse and started riding him, she was very harsh on his mouth, pulling and jerking, I asked her if I could get a vet check on him if I was to purchase him, she stated NO and became very rude. I told her this would not work for me, she told me to leave and get off her property with a few choice words. I started walking back to my car, as I was walking back I saw several horses that had no feed and water bucketís empty. Her facility was not very clean. I should have followed my gut feelings. I would NEVER recommend her to anyone. The way she treats her horses and people is unacceptable.

Country United States
State California
City Georgetown
Phone 916 660 2325

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