Jc Marble Expo Llc Mercer Island Washington Review


I paid rougly $4000.00 for new kitchen cabinets. When picking them up they loaded the cabinets unwraped and unprotected on the car. It took them 3 hours to load them. Some of them did not look in new condition and they were bad quality and started falling apart immediatly. I then decided to return them. Off course they accepted the cabinets back but refused to give me the money back saying the Owner had to inspect them. The Owner said the cabinets are scratched/damaged and would not refund me a dime. Off course they were in great condition when returned and in the same condition I got them. I had to dispute the charge with the credit card company and still awaiting a decision. The Owner Grace Zong is very rude, unprofessional and yelled at me and talked about me to other workers in Chinese, I felt it was very offenssive, since I don’t understand or speak Chinese. Just wanted to warn people about their cabinets quality is very poor and customer service even worse.

25447 Pacific Hwy S Des Moines, Washington USA

(253) 529-1116



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