JD BYRIDER bloomington Indiana


Complaint: In 1999 my husband and i were looking for a good car. we went to jd byrider even though people warned us. we thought that if we paid our payments on time it would be ok. Were we wrong. the first car we got they said was the best car on the lot. they worked on it 2or 3 times.When that didnt fix it i took it to two auto centers they both told me the same thing. the frame had been welded meaning the car had been total out.this was not even a month after we purchase it. we took the car in there and demanded our down payment back. they refused.Instead they said they would give us another car.we accepted we had no money to fight them.i was never late on my payments. we had the second car for only two weeks when it keep stalling on me while i was driving. i have two kids it was not a safe car to be driving with two kids.i took the car back after they worked on it and still did not fix the problem.still up to date on payments. jd byrider ruined our lifes we have bad creit now. we cant get loans for nothing. we wanted creit and we thought that they could help us get creit.they are saying we must give them 8,000 dollars for a 1992 car.i think something should be done to them for hurting and ruining so many peoples lifes. Toni bloomington, IndianaU.S.A.

Tags: Auto Dealers

Address: 2425 WEST 3RD ST. BLOOMINGTON, Indiana U.S.A.



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