JD Mechanical/Jose Dominguez/Jose Cintron Brooklyn New York Review


I originally was contacted by Jose back in July 2013 regarding an installation of a ductless mini split heat pump and air compressor. We agreed on a price that included parts but I held off on moving forward with the installation. On January 27 Jose installed the unit with a less than competent assistant. He made extra holes in my wall, didn’t properly install the cable shield that he recommended and even though I provided him with equipment that he was missing (foam installation, silicone, circular saw bit, wire snips) he still did a sloppy job. the worst part of the installation is that the freon from the out door unit keeps leaking. When I first asked Jose (before he started ignoring my calls and text messages) he claimed it wasn’t a leak but just some residue from when he loaded the line. After cleaning the outdoor unit several times it became evident there was a leak. So after a week of try to contact Jose I finally got through to have him hang up on me. Jose was such a horrible decision, remember you get what you pay for. I’ll be reaching out to someone else to fix the job that Jose couldn’t do. Do not hire Jose Dominguez or JD Mechanical or Jose Cintron he’s not word half the money he asks for.

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