Jeff Anderson Attorney Diepenbrock Harrisonb Homewood California


Complaint: Beware of the Diepenbrock Law dynasty in Sacramento. They are all over Sacramento and you will never receive a fair hearing if you take any of them or their partners, like Gene Cheevers or Jeff Anderson, to the Sacramento Bar Association. Their fees are out of this world for anyone on a normal living wage. All we wanted to do was save our home for our family. Their clients are merely targets for the skinning. The bar is supposed to be your only recourse in lawyer abuse, you will not get a fair hearing, it is an old boys club. If you have to deal with the legal system, which you should avoid at all costs, stay away from anyone associated with the Diepenbrock law dynasty in Sacramento.

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Address: 400 Capital Mall #1800 Sacramento, California United States of America


Phone: 916-397-8418

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