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Complaint: Jeff Buchanan’s Instant Payday Network is a SCAM A few years ago I signed up for Instant Payday Network. After signing up and following all the instructions that Jeff Buchanan said in the Instant Payday Network marketing video, I began to follow his instructions on marketing my capture page to people online. I set up blogs, a YouTube channel and I used craigslist to promote my Instant Payday Network capture page. I even went as far as creating my own website to market this business. I never made a lot of money from the Instant Payday Network, but I did make some decent money from the commissions I received from people who signed up with My Cash Freebies via my Instant Payday Network Capture page. However, what really pissed me off is that right out of the blue, without any warning whatsoever, Mr. Jeff Buchanan simply shut down the Instant Payday Network page. So all of that time I invested in building a website and marketing on craigslist was all in vain because in the end the only person who benefited from all that traffic was Mr. Jeff Buchanan himself. He never even gave a warning to his affiliate marketers. He never told us “hey I’m shutting down the Instant Payday Network page”” heads up guys. Nothing. One day I wake up and when I click on my Instant Payday Network capture page I am shocked to see that it goes straight to a different page altogether

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Address: which happens to be a new business that Mr. Jeff Buchanan is promoting. Well that’s great for Mr. Jeff Buchanan but it’s unethical and dishonest from his part. He is benefiting from hundreds if not thousands of links to his new website

Website: this means the rug was pulled from right under my feet. And the only reason I found out was because I realized I stopped receiving commissions from My Cash Freebies. Well of course

Phone: from affiliate marketers

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