Jeff L Kuret, Hawaii


Scandalous Manipulative Charmer who will smooze you into doing everything and anything just to get his way with you. He is married and has 2 teenage children which I found out later. Heís a fire fighter at Pearl Harbor who sleeps around with teenage sluts and has constant online affairs behind his wifeís back. Stay far away from this scandalous manipulative cheating 40 year old. Heís acts like a 15 year old with no care in the world. All he cares about is the next victim who he can use financially and sexually. He will f*** you to get his way then block your calls and text messages. He drives a beat up ugly Mazda pick up and lives in Ewa Hawaii. This guy cheats with anything that opens its legs! Even married women. Stay away. Heís nothing but scandalous man s***! He lies about everything including his past. Donít let him fool you! Heís a complete snake.

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