Jeff Scott Soto Woodland hills Ca California Review


Jeff Scott Soto is a not so Beautiful mess of a theif.Yes, It is true. Jeff Scott Soto is a thief of intellectual property. Namely music and melodies. I sang at the Wolf and Rissmillers Country Club in 1988 a song. And apparently Jeff Scott Soto had got a hold of one of the live recordings wich is copywritten and put the song on his record and claimed authorship as his. WHAT A CROCK OF B.S. I searched the copywrite and my copy write existed almost two years before Jeffs. He willingly steals some one elses songs and puts his name on it. Nothing but a two bit thief and counterfeiter. What more can you say. Jeff Scott Soto is a not so beautiful mess. And I promise I will see him pay criminally and civilly. He has threatened others that he has stolen music from. But the plain and simple truth is that Jeff Scoptt soto did steal a song that I was involved in creating. Jeff Scott Soto had nothing to do with it other than stealing it for his own personall gain. Thats copywrite theft. And he just shakes it off behing the facad that he is some untouchable rock legend. I personally think this just waters down his mediocre voice and carreer. I believe from what I have seen and heard that Jeff Scott Soto over inflates his image unporportionaly to his abilities (obviously), if he has to steal music and put his name on it. I also heard that he admitted to stealing multiple works from another plaitiff. and scoffed when he was found out. My sources say that Jeff Scott Soto even refused to donate to a homeless shelter as a settlement for his crimes. This guy is a self centered little jerk. And I plan to exact justice through my rights as a tax paying American. Hey Scrooge I mean Jeff Scott Soto, do not be suprised if you get a visit from the ghost’s of rock n roll past. No wonder Neal and the gang from Journey had a severe gut check from Jeff’s overinflated persona. Lets get skeletons out in the light. I am comming with light. And you will not be able to hide in the dark.Sincerely,

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