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Iíve been played by an expert. That or Iím really that stupid. Iím going to pick the latter because when you read this story you going to tell me I should have known better. Back in the 90ís we were friends. Nothing romantic, just a friendly relationship. I had a relationship all through high school so nothing ever happened between us. After high school, we both got married and lost touch. I later divorced because my wife committed adultery back in 2008, perhaps I should post that story. Anyway, around 2012 we reconnected on social media. She contacted me. At the time I lived 533 miles away and had no intention of moving back to this area. We would talk every night, she was currently engaged and unhappy and would communicate how badly he treats her. Iíd provide suggestions on how to improve the relationship and such. About a year later I moved back to this area, for work. She claimed the relationship was coming to a close and we went out on two dates. There was defiantly a spark there. When I called her after the second date I heard him in the back ground while we were talking on the phone. At that point I felt like a home wrecker myself. || By the sound of the conversation he was having with her, it didnít sound like anything was wrong. I told her right then that I wasnít comfortable moving forward with a relationship until they are no longer living together. It just feels wrong. Two years later, which brings us up to date until about three months ago. She claimed that itís over and heís moving out. Itís done, itís finished. Last I seen her two years ago she was over weigh, I was too, I recently lost 100lbs the old fashioned way. Her on the other had she had surgery done. We got together and soon as she got out of the car I was awe struck. I couldnít believe how beautiful she was. That night things happened and weíve been inseparable ever since. Everything was perfect, she knew how to make me happy, and the things she would say. She knew I wanted a family, I really do and we talked about future plans. Up until this point I think I have finally found the one, the way she would make me feel I thought this is my soul mate. Iím so happy, things are so perfect. She spent the night this weekend which is common, on Saturday I took her canoeing, then a nice Italian dinner and a quick stop at a winery for something to drink that night. Business as usual, everything perfect. I then discovered she has been talking with other men, making plans to meet and just the wording she used felt pretty familiar on how she would talk to me trying to obtain information to use. Come to find out sheís still living with this guy and they are engaged. This entire time. He never moved out. I could have seen this coming but what really blindsided me is the conversations when I lived so far away how she would cry for help on how bad things were. That and we were friends for a long time so there was trust there. In effort to find the financeís phone number to inform him on whatís she been up to. I had to call a lot of old friends I havenít spoken too in a long time. It was embarrassing but I had to share the story to get this guyís phone number because I knew they know this guy. It was nice in some cases playing catch up with those people. But I learned quite a lot about her and what she does. She moves from guy to guy behind this dudeís back. Just last year she moved out and lived with someone for a while. I had no idea. From what Iím told this guy isnít the physical and mental abusing crazy person she made him out to be. She picks up on what makes you tick, whatís important to you, responds in kind and reflects what you want to see to win you over and manipulate you. Iíve been through a lot in my time. I can say it hasnít been easy. But this one, I was so sure. A relationship like this just doesnít exist in the world. I couldnít believe how lucky I was and have this girl, she meant the world to me. The level of heart ache and devastation this caused cannot be measured. If I decide to put myself out there again one day, trust at this point would be so hard to provide it would be too taxing on any relationship. That and after experiencing someone like this just to find out itís all fake at the end and you fell for the whole thing you canít even trust yourself. Anyway, thatís the story. After I had learned her history through friends and just how rotten she truly is and what she does to people, I felt it was at least worth a mention. Guess the bright side is, itís only been a few months. What if she got pregnant by one of those guys and she claimed it was mine! So many things could have happened much worse. Much much worse.

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