Jennifer Ginn – Jacksonville, North Carolina North Carolina


Lives in Jacksonville NC, from Caribou Maine. She and my husband started friendly chatter,that turned into so much more. After 2 months,they were video chatting. She was baring her bits that look much like corned beef hash. After finding that she had a Go Fund Me page for yet another fake illness, I reported it. And that’s how I found out the entire stomach turning story about her and him. A little background history. I knew her from a friend of a friend. I had no use for her whatsoever but my husband is a sucker for curb finds and strays. But she’s much worse than those I just mentioned. Their video chats escalated to meeting up and doing all the nasty things they texted about. When I reported her charity page as a fraud she threatened my husband,saying she would tell me everything if he couldn’t talk me into writing go fund me and say it was all a mistake. || He knew better than to ask that of me and he divulged the texting and video chats. When her husband called to confront my husband that’s when my husband admitted to meeting up with her and bouncing on her trampoline sized body. Her husband isn’t much of a peach either. He pretty much threatened to rape me to make it even. I’ve taken the trash out. That mess is behind me now. If you’re in Jacksonville NC remember the name Jennifer Dawn Ginn.

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