Jennifer Lynn Mike Minnesota Minnesota


At the time my husband and I were married for 4 years. Things weren’t the greatest but we still were working on our marriage. What made it difficult is that he worked 4 hours away. He would come home on weekends that lasted for 6 years. Well one night I couldn’t get a hold of him. He wasn’t answering his phone so I checked his voicemail. There was a woman that left a couple voicemails telling my husband that she loved him. I freaked out and I finally got a hold of him. I find out that he is having an affair with a trashy w*****. She knew about me and our kids because she has a kid with his brother. It started in January and I didn’t find out until May. He came home and told some bs story about it only happening once and so on. I told him I wanted a divorce. He then promised that was the end. Well it wasn’t he programmed her number under different names. We fought a lot about the situation I just wanted answers but never got them. || I found out again in July that they were still seeing each other. I called her and messaged her telling her to stay away. That didn’t help because every time he left our home he was going back to her. She lived close to the town where he worked. We went our separate ways for awhile we would go to his family’s out of town for Holidays and getaways for the weekend. This went on until about March the following year. He wanted to work on things again so I listened to what he had to say and spent the weekend with him at his parents. I had to drive 8 hours home so once I got home I got a call from this w**** saying they were still together and tried giving me details. I called him and ended everything with him. || Well we got back together about 6 months later and I never heard anything from her again. We have had lots of ups and downs but are still working on our marriage.

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