Jenny Elizabeth Schmidt – Edison Park, Illinois Illinois


Jenny Elizabeth Schmidt is the world’s biggest attention whore and a homewrecker. She is also a complete and total coward and a user. When I was engaged to her because I loved her with all my heart she was busy getting attention from the guys at work and I mean all of them. Here she is with her new boyfriend she was cheating on me with that works with her. Guess 5 years together, an engagement, plans for kids and her undying love meant nothing when there was an opportunity for a little attention from pretty much anyone. She acts all shady from Novemeber to February 18th and then breaks up with me cause I want to smoke weed again at some point after my probation is over…only been doing that for 5 years bae. Oh and then you met this toolbag the day you just had to leave who also smokes weed? Who ends a 5 year relationship over text? Oh yeah a cheating whore that’s who… Jenny sleeps with anyone willing to give her attention and whenever things get tough or it’s just “not the same” is a good time to get some “sexual harrassment at work” She constantly fishes for compliments and attention and takes literally thousands of naked selfies and sends nudes and goes on POF to talk to random dudes. She cheated on her last boyfriend, she cheated on me at least once and I forgave it and moved past it but nope she had to treat me like human garbage again. She won’t meet in person to give me any kind of clousure and she stole my ps2 because she knows she’s a cheating w****. You can’t lie to me. I know you better than yourself. Guess I should have worked with you like the other 5 boyfriend’s and we all could have run a train on ya.. now I’m out I see how abusive you really were. Dodged a bullet there… here’s some choice quotes from Jenny… 1)”Why the fuck do u worry about me. Don’t do that again” Good question… 2)”I don’t give a shit about them I’ve been friends with them for 6 months.That’s not enough time to prove their consideration towards me.” Friends like you who needs enemy… 3)”It feels better without a condom” Considering we never fucked without a condom and you claimed to be a virgin that’s interesting… 4)”John,sob sob…slur slur…” Are you ok? ” I cheated on you with 2 guys” what? “sob sob I slept with george I think I’m pregnant…what should I do?” “Fuck off.. click” 5) “John why aren’t you answering?” Cause you cheated on me with 2 guys. “How do you know that?” You told me last night…don’t you remember? 6) oh well it was only one and I was drunk…his name’s George and he was sexually harrassing me.(she worked with George) 7) How many boyfriend’s do you have? “5” what? “5, I love them all… I’m sorry. They aren’t good at sex though like you. You’re a sex God!” 8) “I can’t see you because I’m afraid you’re going to be violent and hit me.” How many times have I hit you? 0… Times you have hit me in anger 5… 9) “This ring you bought me isn’t good enough. It’s only 80$. You should have spent at least $500. I want it to last forever.” Sorry I spent $240 on your choice of 1of 2 nice rings for your birthday and was planning on spending 3k for a engagement ring… 10) “I love you” replace “you” with physical, emotional, financial security and you’ve got the only things “you” care about.

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