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Complaint: Editoru2019s Comment:06/4/2018 -. Ripoff Scams believes in transparency and the more information the better. In this instance, there has been court action regarding this subject Report. We believe it important to note that not all Court Orders are alike. Many court orders are absolutely legitimate and we make no representations about this court order situation. However, we want our users to be aware that sometimes courts enter orders based upon default which typically means that the defendant didnu2019t show up. Sometimes a defendant wonu2019t show up because they didnu2019t even get notice of the case proceedings in the first place and other times defendants may not show up because they donu2019t necessarily have the knowledge and/or the financial resources to fight. Still, in other instances, a defendant may simply appear only to stipulate (settle) the case by agreeing to stipulate to a court order because they are being bullied by the plaintiff and whether what they said was true or not, they just want the matter to go away so they can move on with life and make the plaintiff go away. Again, we make no representations about this particular court order situation. We are simply providing you with additional information so that you may be more informed and, coupled with any additional research you feel is necessary, may make your own informed decision regarding the validity of this Report. As always, we encourage our readers to do their homework and not just rely on one single source for information. Google, through the Lumen Database, has provided the following document relating to this subject Report: Jerry LeBlanc, Jr. v. David Walton – Agreed Final Judgment and Permanent Injunction by Ripoff Scams on Scribd END OF EDITORu2019S COMMENT THE ORIGINAL REPORT IS UNDER THE LINE IMMEDIATELY BELOW ____________________________________________________ This letter is to all who reads it. I am the Father of Tracy and Alissa. Tracy is my oldest and Alissa is the youngest and Alissa is the wife of Jerry LeBlanc. The complaint that is made against Jerry should have never been aired on this web site. This trouble is a family matter that got out of hand and me being the father of these two girls should have handled this family matter as all Dads should do. By this complaint getting on this web site has torn my family apart leaving my two daughters as emenies. Jerry was not indited by a jury so this matter should come to an end. Jerry is trying to live this down and get on with his life as a Provider, Husband and Father. I not only have a daughter and son-in -Law and a daughter but three wonderful Grandchildern whose lives have been turned upside down with this complaint. Whoever knowes me knowes that I am a very private man and this site should do what right and take this complaint off the site. I love my Daughters and their familys very much and want my Family back together. Everyone in life makes mistakes and can be forgiven. I am asking all who read this to give Jerry and Alissa and their three childern a chance at getting on with their lives. Think about your own family and think about what you would do. Jerry is a good man and he deserves a better life than what he is getting. i am asking people who read this to know my wife and I love our family very much and we are all trying to over this and go on with our lives.A loving Father and Mom who want their family back

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