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Complaint: This school is a joke from the top down. This school lure you in thinking that they are the best compared to all the other schools in the area. They down talk the other competing colleges and have you believing the negativity which they say about the other schools. Only to find out they are the WORST there is. The teachers read off power points during lecture and do not teach you the information. It is really up to you to read and comprehend on your own. The department chair ( Ms Newberry) is a joke! and very ghetto! She lied to our class like if you are close to a 75 ( which is needed to advance) she would have you do a paper or a report to up your grade and that they would not fail you if you are real close. That was a lie. The school will tell you you can come back after 3 months but I have talked to other student who attended and they state thats a lie as well. They will not release your transcripts they state that you owe when in reality you do not. They will apply for a loan in your name and you wont know about it till after the fact. If you are paying out of pocket with no financial aid, COUNT YOUR DAYS because FINALS they will say you failed and academically dismiss you. The Bridge program instructor for LPN transitions ( Ms Roberson) only reads from power point slides. There was some really great teachers there who were for ensuring you learned because after all its your 30K. The financial aid department so quick to scroll and pencil whip numbers till they will say you owe all this money just so they can hold on to your transcripts but guess what their classes not transferrable anyway so why not go somewhere else that will teach you what you need to know. People dont trust the hype or the instructors. There is a 90% african american staff but they are sorry and need replacing, some of them! Definently need to replace the top chairs and some of the instructors. I had a 70 something mid term and to come back and tell me my finals test was a 60 something and it was easy and the lady who sat next to me, me and her compared a bunch of answers and we had the same thing , yet she made a 80 something and I made a 6o something, BS. That i knew was a lie. Besides I am 100% certain that they are lying. They dont allow you to see the test they only let you go over a review of some of the questions on the test but not your actual test…. ummmmm

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Address: 8131 Baymeadows Cir W Ste 101 Jacksonville, Florida United States



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