Jessica Ayers – Gresham, Oregon Oregon


This is Jessica. She enjoys texting nudes to married men, complaining about her life in an effort to feed off sympathy and likes to relive her highschool days because her life has already peaked. She used Facebook to get back in touch with a boy she liked in highschool, my husband. She sent him naughty messages and nudes all through the messaging app (because she can’t afford a cellphone) until she finally threw together a plan to meet up with him on his way home from work one day. He drove to her in our family car (because she can’t afford a vehicle either) and she helped him move our children’s carseats out of the way before getting in the backseat to make out him. None of that bothered this delusional bitch. She asked him to finger her. I wonder if it was his left hand with his wedding ring? That would have probobly got her off. He had a moment of enough common sense to stop her from giving him a blowjob before he left. She hurried home to message him on Facebook recounting every aspect of their encounter and begged him to ” lick my asshole next time.” And instead of admitting his mistake he responded by letting her know what time he would be off work. But you see, i have his Facebook password. And I saw those messages before he even left work that day. So while she sat there waiting for him. He was rushing home to me. While she was wondering why he wasn’t showing up, he was watching me take off my wedding ring And pack up our crying children. While she was pouting over a lost booty call with an old crush, he was promising to do any and everything for the rest of his life to make it up to us. I messaged her boyfriend. I included screenshots of her message thread with my husband. I didn’t want him deceived for any longer. He told me “thank you”. He said he knew she had been messing around, that this wasn’t a first and now he finally had the proof he needed to move on in his life without her. What comes around goes around.

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