Jessica Baker Shreveport, Louisiana Louisiana


Well, I am not a jealous woman nor do I ever feel the need to check up on my husband and read through Facebook or emails. Well, one day I had a strange feeling and I did. And I did not like what I saw. This girl, Jessica Baker, tried so hard to be my”friend”. And I did try only because our husbands worked together but she was so strange and I just couldn’t handle it. Her husband deployed and she couldn’t handle it, she decided to leave him. He came home and attempted suicide. They had a small child at this time and he did love this girl. While her husband was in a psychiatric facility my husband was asked to go mow her yard by his chain of command. And he did, I had no problem with this because that’s what the military does. You help one another out. Looking through these message I decided to confront him and her. And got the truth. She threw herself at my husband and stated”I quit returning her texts and calls” and was told that I couldn’t stand her and only tolerated her because of her husband. True! So, she sleeps with my husband. Then apologizes telling me how gorgeous I am and how I deserve someone faithful. Says the girl (can’t even call her a woman) that just screwed my husband. || I’m not blaming only her but him too. I’m not married to her. And I am a firm believer that karma never forgets nor forgives. I am hurt and disgusted. I’ve been married for 11 years and we have two beautiful children that nearly killed myself trying to give him. This occurred over 3 years ago. His reason:”I felt like an old boring married dad and it felt good to have the attention.” He claims that he couldn’t continue their sex because it was awkward that it wasn’t with his wife. Well, it should have never gotten to that point. At times I do want to inflict bodily injury on her but I am better than that. I have even thought about letting the ex husband know for custodial reasons and she has admitted to adultery but I do not have the heart to tell him. But, her past will haunt her and karma is a bitch. One day our paths will cross and I know the coward that she is. I did have some nice words to say to her and of course him. I will try and move past this but can make no promises. I know he’s sorry. He says he will spend the rest of his life making this up to me. He knows this will be hard and I can’t guarantee this will work. He would have never left me for her and she couldn’t stand that. She was treated like the trash that she is and only allowed to take a back seat in a parking lot. And I did see where she begged him to be with her and he did tell her how much of a mistake she was. She said she wanted my life. Guess what, no matter how hard you try it’ll never happen. Well, that’s my story.

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