Jessica Colvin – North Port, Alabama Alabama


I have been with my fiancÚ for three and a half years and I found out about two months ago this woman Jessica Colvin has been having a affair with my man for 9 months and even when I confronted her she said she didn’t care that he had a family that she is okay with the once or twice a week he lies and goes and stays with her. Mind you she says all this stuff infront of her children. What type of a mother is that! To not care about breaking up a family. He doesn’t love her! And if he wanted to be with her he would have me leave. I continue to get dragged thru the dirt and mud thinking one day he will truly realize I’m the one that’s been that from day one and does everything for him. I’m starting to think I deserve better. I will say this ” you messed with the wrong woman/mother.”

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