Jessica Elaine Finley – Albia, Iowa Iowa


This is Jessica Finley and my Husband, Josh. She has no remorse what so ever about breaking up my marriage by being a home wrecking whore. She’s very proud of this picture with my husband; so much that she is using it as her facebook profile. My husband and I are not divorced yet. As far as I know, she and her husband are not divorced yet. She claimed to my husband that she wanted out of her marriage because her husband had cheated on her four times. Apparently, she knew my husband was married, and began an affair with him when he showed her some attention. I texted her asking about their relationship months after it began, to which she replied, “All I know is that he loves you, he wants to be wanted, that is all I know”. She told me this when she knew she was pregnant with my husband’s twins. She has two boys with her husband, and it sucks to know that this whore is their only example of how a woman should act. My step daughter has a horrible example of how a man should treat his wife. I stayed at home to work and take care of my husband’s daughter while he was out working on the road, apparently picking up whatever bartender he could get to give him a phone number. I explained to her that once she has those children, and has stay home to raise them, he’s just going to cheat on her too. She didn’t want to hear it. She thinks she’s special. Special Ed. perhaps.

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