Jessica Hernandez Amarillo / Hereford, Texas Texas


This homewrecker was my sister in law! She was with my oldest brother for 7 years and my husband and I were together for 6 years, married for 2 years! Her and my brother weren’t ever legally married but they have 3 kids together and my husband and I have one and one on the way! I’m not really sure when this started but I worked graveyard and came home one morning to all my clothes being packed and my husband telling me to leave. He was on the phone the whole time with a woman who was laughing. Now due to him being abusive I didn’t bother to try and find out who the woman on the phone was, I just got my stuff and left, walking, might I add. With our 1 year old daughter. He wouldn’t let me keep the car but thankfully I had money to catch the bus and rent an apartment with a move in special! || Anyways I later found out that the woman on the phone was Jessica my sister in law. She and my brother separated in February 2014 and she moved to south Texas with her mom. Well that morning when he kicked me out she was on her way back to Amarillo/Hereford for a court hearing on custody of her and my brothers kids. The date was May 9, 2014. She needed a place to stay so guess who was nice enough to kick his wife and 1 year old baby out to let her stay? Yup my wonderful husband! A week later I find out I’m pregnant I was shocked at first but any child is a blessing from god, even though I was going through a divorce I would never abort a child. Jessica on the other hand was pregnant of my other brother in law (my sisters ex) and aborted it while in south Texas. That’s a whole other story that I won’t get into. Needless to say, she gets around! Anyways my husband right away realized the mistake he made and begged for my forgiveness, I already suspected that they were together because of my sister seeing them in”our” car together. So, I was kind of hesitant and slowly started talking but we still lived separate until he proved himself. One night while on lunch break which was about 3am I decided to pass by his house and guess who I find there, yup Jessica! I wanted to get down and beat her so bad but he started throwing beers at me, yes at his wife!!! Due to his past of being abusive with me I knew getting down and whooping her behind would only lead to me being jumped by the two of them so I tried to take pictures for my divorce, it was too dark though. Anyways I didn’t talk to him again I couldn’t even look at him. He would come around to see our daughter once a month maybe and would try and beg me back but I hated what he had done. Well on August 1st 2014 our daughter ends up getting strep and ends up on life support… of course I call him and he stays there with me. She was there till August 31, 2014 and the whole time he stayed the night at the hospital with me. The nurses gave us a cot so we could stay in the room with her. No parent in the world should ever have to see their daughter go through what ours did. I was so lost and upset and needed my husband to be strong for me, and he was! He held me when we heard bad news, prayed with me and was very supportive. He of course asked me to work it out with him”for our daughter” because she needed us and he added that maybe this was Gods way of bringing us back together and showing us that our daughter needs us to be a family. I being vulnerable at the time gave in, I loved this man and really had missed him, plus I needed someone to be there for me and with me. For the first 2 weeks it was really bad and her survival was questionable. During that time I looked through his phone and saw text messages from her trying to get ahold of him, all he texted back was that our daughter was fighting for her life. She of course acted like she cared and continued bothering him and and asking him to call her. The text messages ended there. I of course was upset because I went through most of their texts to each other from way before. There were texts from him to her telling her that it was messed up that she slept with him knowing she had an std. He had always assured me that they were just friends and that he would never sleep with her. He walked in on me looking through his phone and I was crying. He apologized but added that it was”in the past” and that he only told her about our daughter being on life support so she’d leave him alone. I had no other choice but to brush it off, after all I had bigger more important things to worry about. I didn’t have time to be upset at him, all I wanted was for my daughter to get better. I just told him not to be discussing our daughter with that trash Jessica! || Anyways about the 3rd week of her being there she started to show improvement and the doctor assured us that she was going to live IF EVERYTHING CONTINUED TO GO SMOOTHLY! She wasn’t out of the woods yet, as the doctor put it. It was then that I noticed him on my phone a lot more. His phone ran out of minutes and he didn’t want to add more to it. I just figured he was bored and was on his Facebook or something. The 4th week she was in the PICU they finally woke her up, she still had the machine breathing for her, but they needed her awake so she could start to breath on her own. I think that last week was the toughest. They had to tie her hands so she wouldn’t pull out the breathing tube and she cried because she didn’t understand what was going on and why mommy and daddy couldn’t hold her. Once they took the breathing tube out she had to learn how to walk and eat again. It was very hard for her, she was also withdrawing from all of the heavy drugs they had her on. Anyways during all of this I noticed he’d take an hour or two”in the restroom”! I was too busy helping our poor child recover fully that I didn’t bother to question it. Come to find out that this piece of crap man had this heartless homewrecker pick him up from the hospital! I found texts from them of her saying she would take him out to eat and him saying he missed her kisses. Thats the screenshot of them messaging each other on Facebook talking about meeting while my daughter was still in the hospital. It was the Friday before she was released. She was released that Sunday. || I don’t know what kind of father thinks of leaving his daughter who is still learning to walk and eat all over again, to go with some nasty std infested whore. What kind of heartless woman picks up a married man from a hospital where his daughter is in the PICU? Ugh these two are disgusting, heartless people. I couldn’t believe he would cheat on me during this tragedy. I’m sorry but life is way too short to be with a man who cheats at the time his wife needed him the most. Not to mention his daughter, she loves this man so much, I don’t think I will ever let her know how he broke up our family while she was in the hospital. I will never keep her from him or tell her the truth about her father, he is her world! It just saddens me that the one person she looks up to and sees as her hero would leave her when she needed him the most! I don’t know when it was that she first picked him up from the hospital I don’t think I even want to know. All I know is that this woman carried our daughter when she was a newborn, she watched her grow up. She would comfort me and take me into her home when my husband would beat me. He is a real piece of crap, as you can tell. I honestly wasn’t shocked that he would do that, but her? Someone who I trusted and called family at one time? Its so frustrating because I never did anything to this woman to deserve this. Better yet, my daughter didn’t do anything to this trash for her to wreck her home like this. It was all over his Facebook that we were back together and that our daughter was on life support, the same Facebook she messaged him on. She can’t say she didn’t know! || I am pregnant, and going through a divorce, but it is them that I feel sorry for. Karma will prevail. Life is hard right now, I lost my job for missing too much when my daughter was in the PICU. Plus I found out I had chlamydia. The last time I slept with him was in June when we were”talking” but still living separately. Like a week before I caught her there at his house, so yeah I guess they had been sleeping together while he was trying to work it out with me. Anyways thank god it was something curable. He is in jail now and Jessica, well shes still passing her chlamydia along. As for our daughter, she is back to her normal self I thank god for her everyday! She is an amazing little survivor and I cherish every second I get to spend with her! || I added a picture of her and I, she’s the one in the maroon. || || >

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