Jessica Lynn Simmons Greeley, Colorado Colorado


SO my ex fiance and I were together 3 years and 8 months. I got pregnant a couple months after our 2 year anniversary. Everything was great. He took wonderful care of me while I was pregnant. I gave birth to our beautiful little girl and we were perfect for a couple months. We were going through that lovey dovey stage where EVERYTHING is perfect and we were raising our baby happily for a couple months. Our daughter was almost 6 months old and I found facebook messages from my ex fiance to his coworker 12 years older than him. This bitch was crying to my ex fiance, trying to throw herself a pity party because another man she worked with had used her for sex and dumped her. So she was crying to my fiance about it. And my dumbass ex responds saying”oh you don’t deserve that, you need a real man”. My ex fiance is only 21. That bitch is 33. And the dumb bitch took him up on the offer. He still lives with his mommy and is young enough to be a child she’s babysat. She could’ve been changing his shitty diapers when he was a baby, but apparently he’s man enough for her. || Once my ex left me in July, I messaged her to ask if something has been going on between the two of them, and that I deserved to know because there is a child between the two of us. She didn’t respond. She just blocked me right away. So I went psychotic RIGHTFULLY SO since the coward didn’t want to explain herself. I learned that she pretty much hopped on my ex fiance’s d**k the second she got the chance. Once I was out of the picture, she was in. FINALLY, after messaging her several times, and making it clear if she didn’t respond, I wouldn’t let my ex see his child, she said they were”just friends” and that their past conversations were ‘just talking”. YEA cause a conversation about sex with a guy that’s already taken is real casual right???? After googling the holy hell out of her, I finally found two possible addresses she lives at. I will back off despite how hurt and betrayed I am. But if i learn my daughter was ever around her, I just might pay her a visit and tell her to f**k off myself!!!! She already crossed one line by taking my fiance from me. I won’t let her steal my daughter’s affection too. Plus I read the place they work at is against coworkers dating so I’m debating reporting both of them.

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