Jessica R Mccarthy South Portland, Maine Maine


This is Jessica Mccarthy from South Portland Maine and she tried to ruin my marriage and break up our family. || She and my husband met on POF online talked for a few days and then met up with and screwed him the first night they met (wow a lot of great morals and upbringing there huh? NOT) || My husband and I have had some problems in the past but we were always able to overcome and work through it, but this time it wasn’t very pretty. || The first time he met up with her was January of 2012 on the website POF (during this time he used a fake name) and in March 2012 he moved in with her which didn’t last a week and he came running back home and I forgave him etc.  But after a week or two she contacted him and offered to be his mistress and “friend with benefits” and of course like a thoughtless idiot he went for it. This went on from the middle of March 2012 with the sneaking around and planning future plans etc up until one day on May 16, 2012. I received a strange text that didn’t sound like his usual ones he sent and after an hour or so of him not responding back I tried calling him only to not get an answer. I got a bad gut feeling that something wasn’t right and at the time thought he might of hurt himself (at the time due to some depression he had been going through the last few years off and on and him going off his anti-depressant medication) I was at work and went home worried but found out he had moved out again and had left a long letter saying he had left and was moving far away (he didn’t give details where) and I needed to divorce him and how sorry he was but he would always love me. (you can just imagine the horror and hurt I was feeling at the time) || I wasn’t aware that he had never really ended it with her so I went right straight to her apartment and waited. No cars were in the driveway at all so I just waited crying my heart out because I could not believe that he would do this again to me and didn’t really know what was going on. I didn’t have to wait long because her ex-boyfriend Jason showed up. I explained who I was and how I was married and he got this total shocked look on his face and kept shaking his head. Jay told me that he had no idea Jessica had been messing around with a married man the last few months but claimed that she and this current boyfriend (my husband) had been planning since March to move to Colorado. OH THIS GETS BETTER! He said that just the other day that she and him had gone to court and she had given up rights to their son and that she couldn’t take care of him anymore due to this big move she was doing (you can just imagine how the rest of this conversation went) I was like “Oh according to what she told my husband when she was with him the first time her ex-boyfriend was a loser, a heavy drinker, wouldn’t work, and used to hit and push her around (even broke her nose she claimed) and the list went on. He went on to tell me that she and him had planned on moving out of state to Colorado from March until the Middle of May 2012 and Jessica up and sold just about all of her belongings, HER CAR, and gave up on her lease (she was paying for everything on this big move out of state just to get him out of my life as fast as she could and was hauling ass hardcore) || OK this nightmare does get better I promise ; ) || Well it wasn’t even one week into the trip and when he arrived he started contacting me via his Facebook email (he left his phone at home and she had even bought him a new one thinking he wouldn’t want to contact me again WRONG!!!!)  He started contacting me telling me he had made the worst mistake in his whole life and he wished he could take it all back from day one and wish he had never met her on POF etc. || He asked (begged) me to fly out to Denver Colorado on the next available flight which was a couple of days later ….oh this gets better and better. This bitch had even gone as far as trying to find a job before she had moved from Maine and had already had job interviews set up in Colorado and this is how me and my husband’s plan went. I flew out on the day of her interview and after he dropped Jessica off he drove back to the hotel they were staying at, grabbed his stuff as fast as he could, and drove to the airport to pick me up (oh did I forget to mention that that she was paying a monthly rent on a hotel room! She had thought of it all I tell you what “eyes rolling”) anyways… || As he was on his way to the airport and my husband was just minutes away from me I had the pleasure of sending this cunt a nice text and this is what it said ***Has your whole world come crashing down around you yet? Don’t worry if it hasn’t it soon will be you pathetic piece of shit cum dumper! Love how you thought you could break up my marriage and break my family up (and “yours” by the way.REALLY NICE mother you are giving your kid up for a married man you pathetic poor excuse for a mother!) … if you so much as EVER try to contact my husband again I’ll shove my fist so far down your mouth that you will be wearing your teeth out of your asshole …HAVE A WONDERFUL LIFE ; ) and the bitch has never tried to contact him again || In the middle of all this when her interview was over and before she got my lovely text she was EVER so desperately trying to get ahold of my husband to see where he was and what was taking him so long. When my husband met me at the airport he dropped to his knees and started crying hugging me hard saying how sorry he was and how he had messed up his life so bad this time, (it was pretty teary for both of us we have been together since September 1999 and have two children together so you can just imagine how it was) || We drove back home to Maine and he couldn’t get us back home fast enough. Once we got home he had a mild breakdown because he thought I was going to leave him and I had to take him to the ER to be evaluated because I had never seen him so upset. Needless to say everything ended up ok and we have been doing really great and back on track since. We love each other and we both have made mistakes in the past and thankfully have been able to get past this nightmare. || I know I could tell the whole story and all it entailed for details but I had the pleasure of him being honest and giving me access to the email he used to contact her. He also handed over access to the porn videos she made of herself and all the pics he sent her (I have them all in a very safe place far away if I should ever need to use them) She’s a piece of work! She even confessed in one of the texts/emails about how she had an abortion before she and Jason had their son and how she kept it from him (NICE!!!) and what got me was in that email she sounded so proud of herself PATHETIC MUCH you think??? || Can you seriously imagine being that low and attempting to break up a marriage …too bad it backfired for you Jessica I would of loved to have been a fly on the wall the day you came out of that interview and my husband not there waiting for you! Leaving you stranded with no car 2000 plus miles from Maine oh what you must have been feeling? “smirk” || Well this is my nightmare but happy ending homewrecker story people thank you for taking the time to read it.

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