Jhoana Felix – Hollywood, California California


What can I say about this sluty hoe, she will go after anyone who’s taken, if he has a girlfriend, he’s married or has kids she will go after them! She’s a heartless bitch, she will get these guys to buy her things and give her money to go raving she pretends to work but this hoe don’t do shit for her life she’s a slezzy two face buck tooth giraffe looking whore! She will look at you in the face and tell you she ain’t sleeping with with him but as soon as you turn your back she already sucking his d*ck she probably already has a disease anyways she already got a yeast infection from a random guy she fucked she’s already fucked up so many relationships she will act like she cares for her and her family but she don’t give a f*ck all she cares for is money and who will give her and the amount they will give her.

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